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Ultima 7
Avatar! Know that Britannia has entered into a new age of enlightenment. Know that the time has finally come for the one true Lord of Britannia to take his place at the head of his people! Under my guidance, Britannia will flourish, and all the people shall rejoice and pay homage to their new … Guardian! Know that you, too, shall kneel before me, Avatar. You, too, shall soon acknowledge my authority—for I shall be your companion … your provider … and your master!The Guardian

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Rule, Britannia! by Kenneth W. Arnold, Todd Mitchell Porter, Herman Miller, David Watson, and Kathleen Jones. Originally credited to Thomas Arne (1740).

  1. Britain
  2. Trinsic
  3. Buccaneer's Den
  4. New Magincia
  5. Skara Brae
  6. Vesper
  7. Cove
  8. Jhelom
  9. Spectran
  10. Terfin
  11. Paws
  12. Minoc
  13. Dagger Isle
  14. Isle of the Avatar
  15. Verity Isle
  16. Serpent's Hold
  17. The Isle of Deeds
  18. Cape of Heroes
  19. Velorian Islands
  20. Isle of Fire
  21. Spiritwood
  22. The Drylands
  23. Bloody Marsh
  24. Bog of Desolation
  25. Lock Lake
  26. The Deep Forest
  27. Serpent's Spine
  28. Britannia Bay
  29. Empath Abbey
  30. Lost River
  31. Moonglow
The Black Gate

The Black Gate


  1. Trinsic
  2. Other Things to Do in Trinsic
  3. Outside of Trinsic
  4. Paws
  5. References for The Black Gate


Elijah Elijah

CompanionsIolo, Spark

Items — key, gold, scroll, medallion

When you first get out of the Moongate, you are approached by Iolo, who has some disturbing news of a murder. (If you have the Forge of Virtue, there will be a violent earthquake after this.) Investigate the stables to the north, and find a key. Go to the Blacksmith's house (upper west side, 2-story house), open the chest, and take the gold, Fellowship medallion, and scroll; talk to Spark on your way out: He'll talk of a man with a Hook. Go to the infirmary, talk to the guard who was on duty at the time, and he'll mention a ship called the Crown Jewel. Talk to the shipwright, Gargan, about the Crown Jewel. Lastly, talk to the head of the Fellowship about the murder. Now report to the mayor your findings, and go through a little copy protection:

Geographic Coordinate
Latitude Longitude
Place Buccaneer's Den 60 60
Deep Forest 60 30
Dagger Isle 0
Skara Brae 30 60
Spektran 120 90
Terfin 150 120
Jhelom 120 60
Serpent's Hold 150 60
Avatar Isle 150 180
Britain 0 0
Paws 0
Trinsic 0 90
Cove 0 60
Vesper 0 120
Minoc 90 60
New Magincia 90 120

Other Things to Do in Trinsic

Elijah Elijah

Outside of Trinsic

Elijah Elijah

Items — 1 complete set of magic armor, 600 gold, crossbowcrossbow, 50 magic bolts, sword of defense, fire sword, swamp boots, and 3 rings (protection, regeneration, invisibility)

Just to the southwest is a locked treasure chest under a maple tree (128S, 4W). Move the chest into an open area—it will make finding all the items easier—and attack it until it breaks.


Elijah Elijah

Just north of Trinsic is a little town called Paws.

Side Quest: Thurston's Infatuations

Speak with Thurston, the miller, and he will tell you that he has only one reason to live: Polly. Talk to Polly, the owner of the Salty Dog Tavern, about Thurston, and she'll be impressed with the story. Tell Thurston of the events, and he'll be very happy.

Side Quest: Who Stole the Poison?

Speak with Morfin, the butcher, and you will discover that a shipment of silver serpent venom has been stolen from his stock. Go have a chat with Camille, a local farmer. Next, speak with Feridwyn at the Fellowship shelter, then go back to Camille and talk to her again. Feridwyn will have followed you from the shelter, where he tells you that the poison was found in Tobias's (Camille's son) possession. If you speak with Tobias, however, he will claim that Garritt (Feridwyn's son) framed him. You'll get a tip that Morfin isn't all that he seems: search his house (next to the mill) for a silver key hidden partially by a potted plant in the bottom left corner, and then go to the slaughterhouse. There, find a brown key under a blood-filled bucket sitting on the floor. Now, use the silver key to open the storeroom. Next, use the brown key to unlock the chest in the storeroom. Inside you will find gold bars, silver serpent venom, and a book outlining his crooked dealings. Confront Morfin about this, and he'll mention that Garritt may be using the venom (which acts like a drug); he'll also give you a green key. Use the key to open Garritt's chest (next to his bed) at the shelter to find the venom. Take the venom, confront him, and he'll confess. (You may also speak with his father again afterward.)

After resolving these subplots, continue going north to Britain.


Elijah Elijah
Serpent Isle

Serpent Isle


  1. Arrival
  2. References for Serpent Isle


Elijah Elijah

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Elijah Elijah