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Ultima 7
Know that you, too, shall kneel before me, Avatar. You, too, shall soon acknowledge my authority—for I shall be your companion … your provider … and your master!The Guardian

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Rule, Britannia! by Kenneth W. Arnold, Todd Mitchell Porter, Herman Miller, David Watson, and Kathleen Jones. Originally credited to Thomas Arne (1740).
  1. Britain
  2. Trinsic
  3. Buccaneer's Den
  4. New Magincia
  5. Skara Brae
  6. Vesper
  7. Cove
  8. Jhelom
  9. Spectran
  10. Terfin
  11. Paws
  12. Minoc
  13. Dagger Isle
  14. Isle of the Avatar
  15. Verity Isle
  16. Serpent's Hold
  17. The Isle of Deeds
  18. Cape of Heroes
  19. Velorian Islands
  20. Isle of Fire
  21. Spiritwood
  22. The Drylands
  23. Bloody Marsh
  24. Bog of Desolation
  25. Lock Lake
  26. The Deep Forest
  27. Serpent's Spine
  28. Britannia Bay
  29. Empath Abbey
  30. Lost River
  31. Moonglow

The Black Gate

The Black Gate


  1. Trinsic
  2. Britain
  3. Cove
  4. Minoc
  5. Paws, Jhelom, and Elizabeth & Abraham
  6. Back to Britain
  7. Vesper, Moonglow, Terfin, and the Meditation Retreat
  8. Yew
  9. Serpent's Hold
  10. New Magincia
  11. Skara Brae
  12. Alagner's Notebook and the Time Lord
  13. The Tetrahedron
  14. The Sphere
  15. The Cube
  16. Buccaneer's Den
  17. The Black Gate
  18. References for The Black Gate

There are many items in U7. To help with this, I have underlined them in orange. (Dotted underlines include comments or pictures.) For consistency I have also chosen to adopt the spelling case convention used by The Codex of Ultima Wisdom.


Elijah Elijah

CompanionsIoloIolo, SparkSpark

Items — key, gold, scroll, medallion

When you first get out of the Moongate, you are approached by Iolo, who has some disturbing news of a murder. (If you have the Forge of Virtue, there will be a violent earthquake after this.) Investigate the stables to the north, and find a key. Go to the blacksmith's house (upper west side, 2-story house), open the chest, and take the gold, Fellowship medallion, and scroll; talk to Spark on your way out: He'll talk of a man with a "hook". Go to the infirmary, talk to the guard who was on duty at the time, and he'll mention a ship called the Crown Jewel. Talk to the shipwright, Gargan, about the Crown Jewel. Lastly, talk to the head of the Fellowship about the murder. Now report to the mayor your findings, and go through a little copy protection:

Geographic Coordinate
Latitude Longitude
Place Buccaneer's Den 60 60
Deep Forest 60 30
Dagger Isle 0
Skara Brae 30 60
Spektran 120 90
Terfin 150 120
Jhelom 120 60
Serpent's Hold 150 60
Avatar Isle 150 180
Britain 0 0
Paws 0
Trinsic 0 90
Cove 0 60
Vesper 0 120
Minoc 90 60
New Magincia 90 120

Other Things to Do in Trinsic

Outside of Trinsic

Items — 1 complete set of magic armor, 600 gold, crossbowcrossbow, 50 magic bolts, sword of defensesword of defense, fire swordfire sword, swamp boots, 3 rings (protection, regeneration, invisibility)

To the southwest is a locked treasure chest under a maple tree (128S, 4W). Move the chest into an open area—it will make finding all the items easier—and attack it until it breaks.


North of Trinsic is a little town called Paws.

Who Stole the Poison?

Speak with Morfin, the butcher, and you will discover that a shipment of silver serpent venom has been stolen from his stock. Go have a chat with Camille, a local farmer. Next, speak with Feridwyn at the Fellowship shelter, then go back to Camille and talk to her again. Feridwyn will have followed you from the shelter, where he tells you that the poison was found in Tobias's (Camille's son) possession. If you speak with Tobias, however, he will claim that Garritt (Feridwyn's son) framed him. You'll get a tip that Morfin isn't all that he seems: search his house (next to the mill) for a silver key hidden partially by a potted plant in the bottom left corner, and then go to the slaughterhouse. There, find a brown key under a blood-filled bucket sitting on the floor. Now, use the silver key to open the storeroom. Next, use the brown key to unlock the chest in the storeroom. Inside you will find gold bars, silver serpent venom, and a book outlining his crooked dealings. Confront Morfin about this, and he'll mention that Garritt may be using the venom (which acts like a drug); he'll also give you a green key. Use the key to open Garritt's chest (next to his bed) at the shelter to find the venom. Take the venom, confront him, and he'll confess. (You may also speak with his father again afterward.)

Thurston's Infatuations

Speak with Thurston, the miller, and he will tell you that he has only one reason to live: Polly. Talk to Polly, the owner of the Salty Dog Tavern, about Thurston, and she'll be impressed with the story. Tell Thurston of the events, and he'll be very happy.

After resolving these subplots, continue going north to Britain.

Magic Gauntlets

To the west of Paws (74S, 8W) is a little bit of debris by a stream. Move the debris to find magic gauntlets.


Elijah Elijah

CompanionsShaminoShamino, SentriSentri

Items — spellbook, Orb of the Moons, Sentri's armor, pocketwatch, Stones of Virtue

First off, go to the Blue Boar pub, talk to Shamino, get your pocketwatch back, then ask him to join you. To the north of the Blue Boar is the museum. Go in get the colored stones, and the Swamp boots. Then go find Sentri, and ask him to join as well. Find his key in his bedroom, then open up his vault to get the armor.

Then go talk to Lord British. Talk to him on every subject you can, and be sure to get the Moonstone. He'll also mention a murder that happened in Britain similar to the one you're investigating in Trinsic. Then head to his study to get the key to the storeroom (the study has lots of heads on the wall). Then go through the door on the left side of the Throne Room, to the little room all the way to the left, flip the switch. Go through the north wall and go all the way to the right (opening passages with the switches as you go). Find the crate and barrel by the kitchen, and under the barrel is a switch. Flip it. It opens the room above you. Go down, left, and up the stairs. The rooms in the top 2 corners have supplies. Top left has your spellbook, top right a set of Plate Armor.

Next go to the Fellowship Hall and talk with Batlin. He says many things, agree to his test, and take the package to deliver to Elynor in Minoc. (although he tells you not to, you _can_ open the package with little consequence) Also he tells you that Elizabeth and Abraham are going to Minoc on "business".

Other Things to Do in Britain

What Happened to Weston?

You first encounter this subplot in Paws, where the name Weston comes up. Seems he has a wife and kids who haven't heard from him in a while, but they know that he went to Britain. Later, on the roof of Lord British's castle, in the far left corner, you find a cell with Weston inside. Talk to him and agree to talk to Lord British about him. Do so, and Weston will be freed.

Where Does Patterson Go at Night?

Patterson, the Mayor of Britain, acts like the perfect Fellowship Member. However, his wife Judith suspects him of cheating on her. Follow Patterson after the Fellowship meeting to the northeastern part of Britian, east of the castle, to discover that he is having an affair with Candice. He will agree to break the affair off, and become a better person.

Miranda's Law

Locke Lake in Cove is very polluted. Miranda ,a council member of Lord British in his castle, wants to get a new law passed to clean up the lake and needs Lord Heather, the mayor of Cove, to sign a scoll to pass the Bill into Law. Take the scroll to by walking east of Britian to Cove, get it signed, and bring it back.

Acting for Avatars

Go to the theatre-house sorta on the western part of Britian and have a chat with the director, Raymundo. Ask for an audition to play the Avatar in their play. Then go talk to Gaye, the seamstress to get an Avatar costume made. Put it on and go do your audition, and really 'feel' the part.

West of Britain

There are almost always brigands right outside of Britain on the west side. If you want, go here, and get yourself some experience. They usually wear chain armor. (23 S, 31 W)

Magic Carpet

You can get this item now or later. But definately get this! The magic carpet can fly over seas, mountains, and just about anything! It is the ultimate Conveyance. From the west side of Britain, head north, along the east side of the mountains, and follow those mountains until 13 N and 42 W. This will be a river. Follow the river in on the north bank until you come to a dead end of the mountains. Walk between the river and mountains to find the carpet. (8 N, 30 W)


Elijah Elijah


Items — Rudyom's Wand, 4 blackrocks

Go to the healer's house, talk to Jaana and get her to join. She is one of the best companions in the game. Also be sure to get her supplies, the bandages, and the Yellow Potion. (21 S, 65 E)

Then go talk to Rudyom about Blackrock, and buy some spells as well. He has a purple wand called a transmuter, that makes Blackrock explode. Get this. Also if you want you can take 4 blackrock pieces, you need them later. (13 S, 70 E)

Nastassia's Father

Talking with Lord Heather, the mayor, will reveal that only Nastassia is without a lover. She also tells you to talk to De Maria to hear the story of Nastassia. Do so. Then go talk to Nastassia, and she will ask you to find out what happened to her father, Julius. The trail now leads to the Emps in the Deep Forest to the west of Britian, but you need honey to talk to them. Luckily there is a bee cave (56N, 54W). Go there, and all the way in you will find some honey, take it and run from all them giant Bees. Talk to the Emp Trellek, who will tell you that Julius saved the lives of countless Emps, and is the only human that the Emps call "Hero". Sniff. Go back and tell Nastassia.

The Hoe of Destruction

The hoe of destruction is locked in Farmer Mack's shed. Unfortunately he lost the key to that shed while fishing on Locke Lake. Go to the lake find the fish and check all the fishs' bodies for the key (2 N, 48 E), then you can open his shed and get the Hoe. (22 S, 25 E)


Elijah Elijah


Items — silver serpent venom, serpentine dagger

At the lumber mill just southeast of Minoc (63N, 74E) another brutal murder has taken place. Here the victims were 2 gypsies, Frederico and his wife Tania, who were critical of the Fellowship. The whole town has gathered to gawk like slack jawed yokels. Investigate the murder scene, and note the Serpentine Dagger (take it) and the Fellowship Candlestick (don't take it). You can talk to the candlestick maker, Xantha, in the artists guild about it, and then you can also talk to Elynor about it. Everyone in town has a little bit of information about the crime. Also talk to the Pub Owner about Hook.

Now, however, go get rid of the package that Batlin gave you. Give it to Elynor, (77N, 57E) if you opened it she will be mad. You will also learn that the elusive duo, Elizabeth and Abraham have gone to the homeless shelter in Paws.

And finally go talk to the Gypsy woman, Margareta and get your fortune told. You'll have to head to Yew to comply with the fortune (to talk to a wisp), but this walkthrough is going to continue following Elizabeth and Abraham.

Other Things to Do in Minoc

Owen the Shipwright: Hero or Fraud?

Everybody in town has an opinion on Owen. Fellowship members think that he is the greatest thing since sliced bread, while everyone else hates him. Talk to these people about Owen: the Mayor (Burnside), Gladstone of the Artists Guild, and Jakher. From here the trail leads out of town to the south (46N, 89E) and a hermit named Karl. Badger Karl until he gives you the ship plans. Take the plans in his little hut (its a scroll), and take the plans to Julia. She'll say that the ship is flawed. Go to the Mayor, and Owen's Monument will be cancelled. Talking to Owen, at this point, causes him to commit suicide.

Paws, Jhelom, and Elizabeth & Abraham

Elijah Elijah


Items — magic leggings, magic gorget, 3 gold bars

Following Elizabeth and Abraham to Paws will reveal only that they aren't there having already left for Jhelom. Go to Jhelom. The easiest way there is to use the Orb of the Moons. Talk with the Mayor there to discover that they've already gone back to Britain.

While in Jhelom, talk to De Snel about the Serpentine Dagger that you found back in Minoc. If you ask for a "demonstration" he'll attack you. And be sure to get Dupre into your party. He's at the pub.

The Honor Flag

A false Avatar lied his way into a free room for the night. But he got cold during the night and demanded more and more blankets. Finally, the inn-keeper, a weak willed sop named Sprellic, ran out of blankets, and in desperation, stole the Honor Flag from De Snel's. Morning came and the false Avatar was gone, with the Honor Flag. De Snel's students now want it back, or for Sprellic to duel with them. There are 2 ways to solve this one. 1) agree to be Sprellic's champion and fight the duels for him, or 2) have Kliftin make a false banner to replace the stolen one. Either way, you have to agree to be the champion. If you choose to duel, place a bet at the pub first. Arrive at noon ready to fight, or to give them the Flag. Probelm Solved. Sprellic can later be found in the tunnels on Buccaneer's Den, but he isn't exactly happy there.

Other Things to Do in Jhelom

Caves by Jhelom

There is another cave to the west of Jhelom. (145S, 75W) Inside are some Brigands. There is also a Triple Crossbow here, and some gold nuggets.

Back to Britain

Elijah Elijah

Talk with Batlin again, and tell him that you have delivered the package. Now he'll give you another task. Go to Dungeon Destard to the west of Trinsic and fetch the Fellowship funds in a chest by a Fellowship staff. He claims that the dungeon is deserted. It isn't. It's full of dragons. Lots of Dragons. Also there are no funds.


Items — 3 potions, reagants, ring of invisibility, ring of regeneration, gems, venom, gold bars, spellbook

There are 2 entrances to Destard. One leads to a Unicorn, and a locked chest with Magic Arrows a Ring of Invisibility and some gold. The other leads to lots of Dragons, and is unfortunately the way you must go. (71S, 23W) Enter and go to the right then down. You should see the chest, its got a staff right by it. Open it, and discover that it is devoid of money. The body by it has 3 potions and some reagants. Take those. Explore the rest of the cavern if you wish.

Return to Britain and join the Fellowship.

Joining the Fellowship

Talk to Batlin and tell him that there are monsters in Destard, he'll apologize and offer to initiate you at the next meeting at 9 p.m. Go to the hall at 9 and talk to Batlin then. (the meeting lasts from 9 to 12) Iolo, Shamino and Dupre will all try to talk you out of joining. Join anyway. Batlin will then ask you a few questions to prove that you bought the game, er, are loyal to the Fellowship: (he'll ask any 2 of the following)

He will then give you your Fellowship Medallion and you are now in the Fellow- ship. Goodie. Don't bother wearing it. (Tseramed might not like you if you are wearing a symbol of the organization that caused him so much grief. If you are wondering, you don't ever really need to wear the stupid thing. You don't really even need to carry it around with you. The only time where wearing it will help you is in Buccanear's Den at the gambling house, see below.)

Vesper, Moonglow, Terfin, and the Meditation Retreat

Elijah Elijah

In Britain, Batlin tells you that Elizabeth and Abraham have gone on to Vesper. So now we're going to chase after them for a bit.


The best way to get to Vesper is to Fly on your Magic Carpet. Or you can walk there. Once there talk to the Mayor about Elizabeth and Abraham, and you will discover that they have gone to Moonglow. Feel free to explore the town before going to Moonglow.

Other Things to Do in Vesper

Blorn's Accusations

A discussion with the pub owner reveals that Blorn is a gargoyle hater. Talk to Blorn about Gargoyles and tell him that you are not a Gargoyle "lover". He will tell you that awhile ago he was attacked by a particularly violent gargoyle, and asks for your help in seeking revenge. He wants you to surprise Lap-Lem, his "attacker", and slay him. Instead go talk to Lap-Lem about what happened, and he will tell you that in fact Blorn robbed Lap-Lem not the other way around. Go back to Blorn, and ask him to return the Amulet, then give it back to Lap-Lem.

Where Does Catherine Go?

Talking with Yvella, you will find that her daughter Catherine, disappears around noon everyday. Catherine goes to the Gargoyle side of town to hear stories from For-Lem. For-Lem asks you to keep it quiet. If you tell Yvonne what you know, her husband will kill For-Lem, but you don't wanna do that.


Talk to the Fellowship head here about Elizabeth and Abraham, and he will tell you that they have gone on to Terfin. Be sure to mark a stone by Penumbra's House or by the Lycaeum.

Other Things to Do in Moonglow

Balayna's Doubts

Talk to Balayna in the Fellowship Hall and she'll spill out her doubts about the Fellowship, and the Head of the Fellowship in particular. If you talk to Rankin about Balayna's Doubts, he will ask you to give her a vial, if you do she will kneel over and die. If you don't she'll mysteriously vanish. If you talk to Rankin after she's dead or vanished, he'll offer some lame excuse for her absence.

Zelda's Affections

Talk to Phearcy, the bartender, who asks you to get some gossip on Zelda. Go talk to Zelda up at the Lycaeum, and she'll tell you that she is attracted to Brion. Talk to Brion who admits that he has no feelings for Zelda. Then go talk to his twin brother Nelson who admits that he has quite the crush on Zelda. Then go tell Zelda the news. Go back to Phearcy to get your food.

Brion's Orrery

Talk to Brion about the telescope, and the subject of an orrery will come up. He will tell you that an Astrological Event will happen soon, and that such an event only happens once in 800 years. Say "BYE" and he will insist that you look at his collection of odd junk. Look at the crystals, and he will offer to make you a portable orrery viewer. All he needs is one more crystal. Well Addom has one, go buy it from him (he's usually in the pub) for 20 gold. Then come back and Brion will make the Orrery for you. The orrery will show you how close you are to the end of the game, based on how close the "Astrological Alignment" is to happening. When you are near the End of the Game, the Alignment will be very close.


There are 3 farmers in Moonglow: Cubolt, Tolemac, and Morz. Tolemac just joined the Fellowship and wants Morz to join as well. Talking with Cubolt, he'll ask you to try talking to Tolemac and Morz to talk them out of the Fellowship. It won't work with Tolemac, he's too far gone, but Morz will listen and avoid the Fellowship. Just don't mention his stutter in any way.


The Fellowship head here will tell you that Elizabeth and Abraham have gone to the Meditation Retreat.

Other Things to Do in Terfin

Who Wants to Destroy the Shrine?

Talk to Teregus about rumors and he'll mention that someone wants to destroy the shrines, and he wants your help to find out who. Search Sarplings' place to find the scroll from Runeb about the explosives (careless to leave such an incriminating thing sitting around...). Take the note, and confront Sarpling with the evidence. He'll pin the whole thing on Runeb, plus he'll let slip that they planned an Assasination against Quan, the Head of the Fellowship. Show Teregus the note, and he'll ask you to confront Runeb. If you confront Runeb with these allegations he will attack you.

Meditation Retreat

(roughly 178S, 85E) Normally you need to be let in, but since we have a flying carpet, we can just fly in. Talk to Ian, who will tell you that You Know Who has gone on to Buccaneer's Den. Don't go to Buccaneer's Den yet, though. We're going to Yew next. Try to get as much info out of Ian as possible. There is a cave behind the Hall here, but again we'll get to that later. On to Yew!


Elijah Elijah


Items — Tseramed's Arrows, honey

We're in Yew looking for Wisps (remember the Gypsy's prophecy?). Go to Empath Abbey (78N, 59W) and talk there to Taylor the monk about the Wisps. He will reveal that Emps are able to talk to Wisps, but that Emps will only talk to you if you are carrying Honey. Lucky for us there is a Bee Cave here! (56N, 54W) First get the smoke bomb from the monk, Taylor, and then go talk to Tseramed about the Bees and get him to join. Go to the Bee Cave (you can talk to the Nudists if you want), go all the way through and get the Honey. Use the Smoke Bomb if you don't want to fight all those Bees. The best method, however, on avoiding the Bees, is to take the honey and teleport away, preferably to a Marked Stone somewhere near Yew.

Now go talk to the Emps (56N, 10E), most noticably the Emp Trellek. Talk to him about the Wisps, and he will want to join your party, but needs permission from his wife, who in turn needs permission from the elder, Salamon. Salamon will give you permission only if you stop Ben the logger from cutting Silverleaf trees. (42N, 47W) Do so, and come back. Get permission from Salamon, then talk to the wife, she now says she doesn't want Trellek to join. Trellek has a solution to all of this, he makes you a Wisp Whistle.

Go to the Wisp Castle (46N, 12W) or talk to any Wisp you can find. The Wisp tells you that the Time Lord wishes to talk to you, but if you want more information you will have to go to New Magincia and get Alagner's note- book.

Mysterious Monk

In Empath Abbey there are 3 monks, yet for some reason the 2 in the back of the abbey haven't ever heard of the third, Kreg. Talk to Kreg and he will ask for a Black Potion (invisibility) ... for research of course, not to slip town unnoticed. Give him the potion and he'll drink it and escape. If, however you go to the High Court you'll find records of a criminal who sometimes goes by the name Kreg. Confront him with this and he'll attack you.

Flowers for a Healer

Talk to the healer, Reyna, and she will tell you of the sad story of her mother's death, she also wishes for more flowers to adorn her mother's grave in the graveyard. Go talk to Aimi in the Abbey (she's the female monk) and tell her the story of Reyna's mother, and she will then give you the flowers, (you'd have to buy them otherwise). Then go give the flowers to Reyna, and she will say "Thanks", and will offer to discount her healing services up to and including 50% off!

Tax Dodging Nudists

The nudists in the Bee Cave aren't as dumb as they claim. In actuality they're ducking taxes by hiding in the cave. You have to somehow get them to reveal this. After all, everything else is revealed.

Other Things to Do in Yew

Bloody Shrine

At (56N, 32W) there is a shrine with a lot of blood on it, and a Magic Shield. To the north of it, is a wizards camp, he has some reagants and a lightning wand.

More Brigands

At (47N, 8E) is a camp of Brigands, they have a Magic Armor and a Magic Bow, as well as some other stuff.


Elijah Elijah